American Twist

Monday, October 23, 2006

it's the 24th of october. it's hari raya! it's also my bday.
i'm 16 years old finally. i dont feel much difference though.
thanks guys for the wishes.

im deciding to quit the church band (the only band) as a bassist
and according to them i'm the only bassist and it'll cost the band trouble. well i think
it'll cost me more trouble. they're planning to come out with an album (circular).
and it'll probably cost me 100 bucks? if they were my only band i wouldn't mind but i do have my own.

which is Cheezcake Murder!! man i love them. i'll put pics of us when i have better ones. =)
i'll just give i a thought. i hate quiting.

peace out.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

i started my day by waking up at 2.
ate chee cheong fun for breakfast/lunch. it was good.
was complaining to everyone in my house that i didnt wanna play tennis due to
injuries and so on.
i played anyway. we started at 4 and it ended at 7
didnt regret a second of it. it was fun!
i learnt alot in just that one session.
24 unforced errors in three sets!!

had dinner at tmn mega.
got bored so i sent alison a text message.
she was at her grandparent's.
who stays at block F on the 10th floor in the condominium
next to mine. later on i found out that Uncle Griffin was her grandfather!!
Whom held rosary at his place weekly which i go to every week!! what a coincidence.
lol. it is very weird for a timing like that.

so she was sitting on the floor at her grandad's place stoning(bored).
so i went over there to see her.
we walked around the condo, sat and talked.
she's fun to talk to. Alison is nice. and cute.

right now, im half dead typing.
with someone else waiting and stoning with me.

peace out.